Friday, June 15, 2007

Who will be the best of the rest?

For a while, I’ve been hyping up this project I’ve envisioned called the Best of the Rest. Going through recent history (starting with the 1993-1994 season) I want to go through and make a list of the best squads to never win a title. These are teams that contended year after year, yet for one reason or another never could make the step to the championship. I’ve already started doing research on records, statistics, and other data on great teams, but there are many holes in my memory. Many of those great mid 1990’s Western Conference teams went ignored by me because I was a kid in New York with a 10pm bedtime. So I’m asking you, loyal readers, to give me some recommendations. Maybe there is a team you have in mind. Maybe you can give me a few stories about some of the great teams I already plan to write about. Any contribution would be welcome. Just post a comment on this post!

Here is how I envision the series working. Every few days or so, I’m going to post about one great non-championship team from the past 13 years. Some good examples would be the 1991-1996 Knicks, the 1999-2003 Kings, and of course, the Jazz from the entire 1990s. I’ll talk about the highs and lows, what kept them from winning the title (usually this section will just say ‘Michael Jordan’) and some stories allowing us to remember just how great the teams were.

So anyway, feel free to contribute, I expect this project to be a fun distraction from our post-NBA season

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