Sunday, April 8, 2007

Everything starts somewhere

I wonder how you found this place. Everyone else seems to be popping up with blogs so I figured, why not?

A bit about myself and what you should expect to see here. I'm a (soon to be) fresh out of college type from the NYC area with dreams and aspirations and time to waste. I want to use this space to write about the little things and the things I love. I'm an aspiring basketball coach and history nerd, so expect alot of unrelated musings about basketball and intellectual type stuff, mixed in with whatever else crosses my mind on a given day. I love to write so I'll probebly be here alot.... starting in a few hours when I get back from lunch. Also, my grammer is impecible, my spelling isn't

So ya, enjoy, and feel free to contact me about any of the offense crap I might write (

PS: A million points to anyone who figures out where the title comes from.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it! Keep it up, at least I'll be reading it. Anyway you're a ballintellectual cause you're no ballwarrior! PCE, T