Saturday, April 21, 2007


-Looks like Proffessor Hubie Brown will be calling the game. I love this man, best color commentator I've seen. People complain that he talks too much, taking away from the sub-par Mike Tirico, but I would rather have a discertation on defending the pick and roll than having to listen to Tirico's bad jokes and incorrect observations.

-I think the way the first quarter goes will say a lot about how the series is going to go. Which Pistons are we going to see? When they are focused and intense, Detroit can beat anyone with their brtual efficiancy. However, I haven't seen that team in almost two months. Detroit is picked as the heaviest favorite in this first round, are they just going to stay rolling on cruise control? If so, look for Orlando to put some pressure on them early. EDIT: As of midway through the second, with Detroit up 12, I think we can safely say that the killer instinct is back. Detroit is playing like a group of professionals, setting the right screens, making the right passes, and taking the right shots. This game is not as close as the score belies.

-Dwight Howard in the First quarter: Orlando is attacking inside early. Not surprising because of how poor their offence is everywhere else. The Pistons doubled on Howard this first time out which is surprising because they didn't do much of that in the regular season. I know the Stones started Rasheed on Howard, but Webber seems to be getting caught on him. Dwight will dominate that matchup, and even Sheed will have his work cut out for him. Like I said last week, Howard is going to make a name for himself over the next 4/5 games. Look at how hard he is playing, if I may quote Hubie, "He is a monster on the offensive glass."

-I like how the Magic put Hill on Billups, Nelson is too small for him. Still, I don't see Rip missing many shots with Nelson's short wingspan. Nelson is getting caught up in those staggard screens for Hamelton, why is he trailing? If I were the Magic I'd tell Jameer to cheat a bit under some of those and cut him off, otherwise Hamelton is going to get 30 or more.

-D WINS GAMES: Kudos to Detroit's transition D, Orlando is trying to run and getting nothing out of it. On the flip side, Orlando's defense is horrific. Detroit has 15 points in 3 minutes and looks like they aren't even trying. Tony Battie is geting pulvarized by the aging Rasheed Wallace. He's getting points off the pick and pop, and to some degree Orlando is going to live with those. What can't happen is Battie allowing himself to get burned on simple step back moves in the post. Wallace hasn't been a great low post scorer in three years, they shouldn't have to double him. Finally, the Magic go to a zone, forcing the ball out of hte middle and into the hands of Prince and Hamilton who have trouble creating their own shot against swarming Defenses.

- Great time-out material!

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