Saturday, April 21, 2007

Watching Bulls/Heat

-Thabo Sefolosha is doing such a good job on Wade. That length is giving Dwayne trouble, but I'm legitiamtly surprised to see his speed keeping up with #3... as I type, Sefolosha forces Wayne right into Nocioni- charging foul. Wade isn't exaclty having his way with Hienrich, but he's having a much easier time getting shots off. I think the 6-7 Sefolosha is just too lanky and long for the 6-4 Wade.

-Shaq got off to such a good start, I jumped on the 'Ben Wallace has lost it' bandwagon halfway into the second. Seriously though, Ben Wallace has some gift to defend Shaq the way he does. How do you push an object that big off the low block? I'm sure that someone, somwhere has written this, but forcing Shaq to a right hand hookshot is the only way to stop from scoring on the left side, even at his age he has suck a quick spin going baseline, one of the best in the L right now.

-Tyrus Thomas jumps high. Seriously, he's comming over so quickly with such good timing that he's effecting every shot taken in the lane. Payton just lost a pass out of bounds, try to make that pass with Thomas' wingspan blocking your vision like that. If I were the heat, I'd throw it to Morning and take it to Thomas that way. Let's see how the Heat adjust in the fourth quarter, they are getting no offence from anyone besides Antoine Walker's shooting. I'm starting to think that thats the best way to beat the champs, make Toine jack it from outside.

-Teams shooting a combined 8-31 from 3... ugly, ugly fourth quarter so far.

-I can't say im surprised at this outcome (a closly fought Bulls win), but I don't understand why people view this as an upset. Every season is new, and if you look at both these teams and how they played this past season, you would see that the Bulls are just a suprior squad. People say that their lack of inside scoring will hurt them, but I've waited all season and haven't seen it.

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